itineraire battambang sim reap battambang  
destination battambang  phnom penh


From Phnom Phen
By road, Approx 4 hours by taxi or private car (55 to 60 usd - price quote from May 2008) or 5 hours by bus (approx 4,50 USD per person) - regular journeys from various bus companies (Capitol tour (departs from Capitol Guest house from Phnom Penh), GST, Ho Wah Genting (departs from the Central Market of Phnom Penh). The road is well paved.

From Siem Reap
By boat : Approximately 6 hours from July to March (and 9 hours - 10 hours in April and June) A must do trip; not to be missed. Tickets 20 USD per person (price quoted as of September 2008) )

By road : 3˝ hours by taxi or private car. Very poor road between Siem Reap and Sisophon (approx 1h30) then the road gets better between Sisophon and Battambang..


From Bangkok and Poipet

4 hours by bus or 3hours by taxi or private car from Bangkok to Poipet then 1.40 h by taxi or private car by decent road.

From Pailin
Coming from Thailand, it is possible to get from Pailin to Batambang.