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The City Centre : Battambang has conserved its original patrimonial architecture, dating back from the French protectorate period - administrative buildings, the governors palace dating back from 1905, the house of courts, the schools… and also the whole centre of the town such as the shopping arcades, many of them still in very good condition as well as some villas.

Several pagodas
in the town such as Vat Damrey Sor, Vat Piphit, Vat Kandal - next to the Villa - , Vat Sangket, Vat Po Veal (museum) …

The Provincial Museum of Battambang created in 1968, displays a range of patrimonial Khmer culture of great value: stone sculptures from the pre-Angkor and Angkor period, wood sculptures from the Khmer Middle Ages, bronze statues, ceramics from the Angkor and post Angkor period and other objects in metal.

Boat trips from Battambang to Siam Reap : One-day cruise to discover the daily lives of people living on the banks of the Sangker river then head to lake Tonle Sap..

NGO: Several NGO's have been doing a remarkable job in the region, such as in Phare Ponleu Selpak where an art and circus school has been established and performances are regularly featured during the dry season.


VAT Banon
: Temple dating from X and XI century that we can discover only after having climbed the 350 steps that lead to the temple. Little cave to explore on the other side of the hill..

Vat Ek Phnom: The road that leads to the temple goes through several beautiful villages and traditional homes where we can also view the production of rice cakes and other artesian activities. The temple dates from the X century..

Phnom Sampeou: You must schedule at least two hours to visit the site; there are about 600 steps to climb in order to reach the top. It is a religious site with smaller shrines encrusted in the caves at the top of the hill.

The vines of Phnom Banon: On the road heading to the temple of Wat Banon, a courageous family here cultivates a vine plantation that they recently planted. They produce several thousand bottles of wines per year.

The bamboo train to regain your child spirit: On the rail track mainly used by the train from Phnom Penh - Sisophon, private individuals have built a motorized platform to transport merchandise and passengers. They also propose trips for several km's for tourists. Definitely a great buzz..

Equally the NGO Pte Tuk Dong has created a centre for artesian work and provides accommodation for certain unfortunate families.